Monday, May 22, 2006

A Thriller of a Thriller

I’m really enjoying Velocity, Dean Koontz’s latest paperback. I’ve always considered Koontz’s work to be required reading for anyone who wants to write a thriller. I also consider him an influence on my own writing, particularly for Cold in the Light. His best work, to me, has occurred when he’s stirred his fiction with generous dollops of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror. Books like Midnight and Phantoms are great examples, and they're worth careful study by writers. Velocity doesn’t appear to have many cross genre elements but is still an exciting read that has taught me a few lessons about the genre.

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Eve said...

Hi Charles,
It's pretty early in the am and the coffee hasn't kicked in quite yet, but I was bouncing around the blogs and found you. I semi-started at the back here and found some interesting things. First I think there's a writer in me somewhere. I am very flattered when my college professors (I'm only finishing up my Associate Degree at 48 years old) always remember me for my writing. But I am not much of a reader of late. I think I feel like I just can't sit long enough to read and when I do I struggle. (Lysdixia hahaha!!) Years ago I could not put down Dean Koontz. I started with "Watchers" then "Lightening" and on and on. I so agree with your thoughts on Koontz. So this is where I thought I'd leave my comment.
Also you would find that I have a motorcycle, it is my grounding force. I don't know for how long I will be able to ride (or when I will have to switch to the more upright model (Nightster) but hope I have many years to come. (I was a late bloomer). I ride with fear each time I get on. A very healthy fear, but there are times that I actually get nauseous
before rolling. Once on I'm fine. I hope you are able to come back to getting on, even if for just a back road cruise now and then. Sorry about this long comment, I’m combining for a few of your posts that I read. I also enjoyed your Stereotype Part 2 post. Very interesting even not in the writing point of view! I’ll stop back to see how you’re doing.