Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Heavy Metal Quiz

Another quiz for today.

Heavy metal and hard rock music has a long association with horror tropes, from band mascots and pentagrams to lyrics about Satanism, evil, and death. See if you can match the horror related imagery, lyrics, and song titles on the left with the bands on the right. This one may be pretty hard for a lot of you folks from the softer side of the music spectrum. 1 to 3 correct earns you the title of roadie. 4 to 7 and you can play rhythm guitar. 8 to 11 moves you up to lead guitarist. And if you get 12 to 15 right you’re a one man band (sort of like Aldo Nova). If you don’t get any correct, then I’m going to assume you like disco.

1. Living Dead Girl ---------------------- Black Sabbath
2. Eddie -------------------------------- W.A.S.P
3. The Headless Children --------------- AC/ DC
4. Louder than Hell -------------------- Iron Maiden
5. Long Hard Road Out of Hell ------- Metallica
6. Screaming in the Night ------------- Alice Cooper
7. Reign in Blood --------------------- Judas Priest
8. The Black Widow -------------------- Marilyn Manson
9. Devil’s Plaything -------------------- Rob Zombie
10. Screaming for Vengeance ----------- Danzig
11. Satan Laughing Spreads His Wings -- Butlik
12. Playboy Bassist ----------------------- Slayer
13. Wake up Dead ------------------------- Megadeth
14. Enter Sandman ------------------------- Motley Crue
15. Hell’s Bells -------------------------- Krokus

Answers: 1. Rob Zombie, 2. Iron Maiden, 3. W.A.S.P, 4. Motley Crue, 5. Marilyn Manson, 6. Krokus, 7. Slayer, 8. Alice Cooper, 9. Danzig, 10, Judas Priest, 11. Black Sabbath, 12. Butlik, 13. Megadeth, 14, Metallica, 15. AC/DC.



Evan Lewis said...

O for 15. How embarrassing.

eric1313 said...
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eric1313 said...

13 of 15...

And I really don't listen to as much of it as I used to... More of a bluesman and classic rock person these days.

Scott said...


Guess I'm a one-man band, though I'd rather not be Aldo Nova, if that's alright. Good quiz!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

15 for 15!!! I kicked ass! And I know my heavy metal.

Charles Gramlich said...

Evan, and I had not taken you for a disco lover. :)

Eric1313, wow, most of these are older groups too, though, so maybe back when you listened more.

Scott, I like Aldo's "Fantasy" but you can be Lemmy if you want!

Alex, well done, man. You are deserving.

Steve Malley said...

Just *barely* a lead guitarist-- I credit the tattooing... :)

eric1313 said...

I was there for the heyday of Metallica and Slayer... (was why i first got a guitar, to play metal and be a sweaty rock star dressed in black) Also a Suicidal Tendencies and Janes Addiction fan... (not on the list, but still some great listening)

Also have almost everything Iron Maiden ever did... my uncles got me into Judas Priest and AC/DC, I'm into lots of stuff that I am told is "before my time"... Marylin Manson and Danzig were huge whilst in High School, as was Zombie...

And Alice Cooper? Only a Detroit legend! Think I'll put in Mascara and Monsters right now.

Cool post.

G said...

Scary part is that not only did I recognize all but "Butlik" but I also recognized a good chunk of the titles.

Anyways I figured I got about 6:

1) AC/DC-->Hell's Bell's
2) Slayer-->Reign In Blood (I got and I like).
3) Rob Zombie-->Living Dead Girl (funky song)
4) Iron Maiden-->Eddie
5) Metallic-->Enter Sandman (unfortunately, anyone above the age of 15 knows this)
6) Judas Priest-->Screaming for Vengeance (fantastic song, too bad it ain't played on the radio. radio plays "You Gotta Another Thing Comin'". Even "The Hellion/Electric Eye" is better than that).

Larry said...

1-Rob Zombie
10-Judas priest
11-Black Sabath lyrics to War Pigs
2-Iron Maiden Mascot
I'd have to google to get any more.

Charles Gramlich said...

Steve Malley, I just bought Vince Neil's book, Tattoos and Tequila. You never did any of Motley's tats eh?

Eric1313, I got into Suicidal Tendencies for a while. they came and went pretty quick. Was never into Jane's addiction, but all the others of course you mentioned.

G., I put the Metallica one on for the common folks! Figured that one would be remembered by quite a few folks who weren't into metal. YOu'd have to visit one particular blog to get butlik!

Larry, that Lyric from Black Sabbath is one of my favorite lines. Love that whole song.

Deka Black said...

Ok, my heavy metal knowledge is... terrible. If this were a crime, , i would be right now sentenced to life, i'm sure.

I have achieved... 2.

Ah, one thing. "Louder Than Hell", i believe is a work from Manowar.

Christina said...

I like heavy metal, but I don't think I know it on this level. Emory would love playing this game. He's so good at naming the bands on the radio when I say, "I like this. Who sings it?" His answer is usually, "I have the cd."

eric1313 said...

Butlik, of course... lmao (breaks out a google tab...)

Then that means I must have got one of the wasp and krokus questions right... hard to tell without writing them down.

Demon Hunter said...

Ah, 5 out of 15. Guess I'm a rhythm guitarist. :-D I knew all the bands except one, but wasn't familiar with some of those particular songs. Told you I liked metal, Charles. ;-)

Cloudia said...


Warm Aloha from Honolulu

Comfort Spiral

Charles Gramlich said...

Deka Black, there could easily be more than one song with that title. Motley Crue did one, which is the reference here, but I wouldn't be surprised if other bands have used that phrase.

Christina, I expected that men would do better on this than women. Although I know women who like metal, it seems more common for men.

eric1313, Screaming in the night by Krokus is one of my favorite songs.

Demon Hunter, pretty good. the songs are probably weighted toward some older stuff now. The things that stuck in my memory. More recent songs might have worked better. You may not have recognized Butlik.

Cloudia, are you admitting to liking disco? :)

David J. West said...

12, made it by the skin of my teeth.

ivan said...


Crazy time.

Even I, a potbellied aging rocker, had to spike my hair and wear platform boots.

...Frequent trips to the washroom, like an old astronaut.
But music soon seemed like another job. You had to, like some writers, crank yourself up on speed before you went to work. :)

eric1313 said...

I've played quite a few gigs myself...

But being on stage was like being on speed. The live performance was my favorite part by far.

Dealing with a band full of drama queens (except the drummer who was cool) was what ultimately killed it for me. Petty jealousies and pretty soon no one can stand the other one. Much like many bands.

Deka Black said...

I see, thanks for the information Charles ^^

jodi said...

Charles, Whoa. Didja ever lose me on this one. I only knew the AC/DC one--how very pedestrian of me. My son, however knew most of 'em. Who the h is Butlick? tee hee..

Charles Gramlich said...

David J. West, A very respectable score.

ivan, apparently all that rocking really takes energy. I remember reading how much speed Johnny Cash did back in the day.

eric1313, I was in a high school band called Crash. We played a few gigs. We did mostly covers, which was what folks wanted, although we had some original stuff as well.

Deka Black, no problemo

jodi, good for your son. Butlik is the band of one of the bloggers who regularly visits here.

BernardL said...

I'm a little proud I was 0 for 15. :)

Charles Gramlich said...

Bernardl, man oh man. A Bee Gees fan, I take it? :)

writtenwyrdd said...

I recognize and probably own the albums to at least half of these songs, but I don't listen to them often enough (and my middle aged memory is bad enough) that I can't match up the songs I know with the bands, lol!

I can't say I've ever heard of butlik, but that name cracks me up!

Heff said...


I missed the Manson, W.A.S.P., and believe it or not, the Alice Cooper ones.


Jodi doesn't know who Butlik is ?!?!?

I'm HURT :)

Charles Gramlich said...

Writtenwyrd, Check out the comment below yours. Heff is a member of Butlik.

Heff, missed Alice Cooper? Missed Alice Cooper! I'm at a loss for words. now you know how I feel when I don't know shit about Heff.

BStearns said...

Wow, only 3 out of 15. I need to work on my rock music. Then again, I'm more of a modern rock sort of guy.

Charles Gramlich said...

Bryan, are you suggesting that I'm a Dinosaur rock guy? :) Just kidding.

Merisi said...

Alright, I am going to be the one who wipes the floors and turns off the light!
Zero-Girl ;-)

laughingwolf said...

call me 'roadie' :P lol

but yeah, i did like debbie harry and blondie stuff... as for the rest of disco, it STILL sux ;)

Lana Gramlich said...

4...I can play rhythm guitar!

Mary Witzl said...

Bugger it -- I'm not even a roadie. And I like heavy metal just fine, but I'm terrible at quizzes.


Jess said...

I'm less than a roadie. Guess that says a lot about me. Bring on Willie, Waylon and the boys. :-)

Charles Gramlich said...

Merisi, being in Vienna, you can be forgiven.

laughingwolf, I liked the Knack, which was pretty close to disco, man. I kind of like Play that funky music, white boy.

Lana Gramlich, you are my drummer.

Mary Witzl, these are also older refs I'm sure.

Jess, I like me some Waylon, Johnny Cash, Hank Williams Jr. I'm pretty close to an "Okie from Muskogee."

Carole said...

Zero - but it's country music and twangy at that.

Charles Gramlich said...

Carole, I can't do too much twang. A little goes a long way. But I do like some country.

Harry Markov said...

4 out of 15. I will admit that I am pop, electronic and synth music man. The heavy rock stuff give me severe headaches. I am limited to what I can listen to, because of that.

Randy Johnson said...

You got me on this one. Didn't do as well as I thought I might. 9-15.

I thought I was the only one who remembered Blackie Lawless, but it's been a long time since I listened to W.A.S.P. All I have is on vinyl.

Same for Alice Cooper, Krokus,

and Sabbath. Never owned any Manson, though I liked some of his songs. Mother is about all I liked of Danzig, but that song wouldn't have fit the imagery of the quiz.

Not familiar at all with Butlik.

Tor Hershman said...

Heavy Metal and other things the Pope approves of.

Charles Gramlich said...

Harry, sorry to hear that. Some good metal usually cures my headaches. maybe it's the bass.

Randy, I've got some more recent WASP CDs. Been a long time fan of Blackie. I've actually got a lot of DAnzig's cds. He's got some stuff that really resonates with me.

Tor, the pope is probably a closet headbanger. :) Thanks for dropping by.

Sphinx Ink said...

I got a goose egg. My idea of heavy metal is Iron Butterfly or Led Zeppelin. I became a classical music buff decades ago and stopped listening to popular music, so my taste in pop (or rock, hard rock, heavy metal, etc., etc., etc., whatever you want to call it) is stuck back in the 70s and earlier.

In defense of a much-maligned genre, I have to say some disco tunes were cool. And I always liked the BeeGees...(ducking as blog author and commenters start throwing rotten tomatoes)!

Harry Markov said...

Yeah, my head is such a soft egg!

jennifer said...

I didn't even know ONE. I feel like my pennance should be listening to Barry Manilow.

I was thinking yesterday (actually tried to write a blog post but it just wouldn't take shape) that commercials and sports are hijacking the kick @ss songs from the 80s and making them mainstream. They are using AC/DC music to sell PANCAKES (for Pete's sake) and playing Crazy Train at football games.

I blame Guitar Hero.

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Ty Johnston said...

Okay, I'm feeling a little better about my evil side. Only got 9 out of 15 correct.

And, by the way, Charles, thanks for the nice review of my American Crossroads over at Amazon.

Shauna Roberts said...

I fail at all your quizzes. I know nothing about popular culture. Good thing I write fantasy.

Charles Gramlich said...

Sphinx Ink, Iron Butterfly and Led Zepplin had some great tunes for sure. You know, I could have tolerated disco if it hadn't simply overwhelmed the airwaves until there was nothing else on.

Harry Markov, sometimes I think mine is hard boiled.

jennifer, I remarked on that to Lana just the other day, about how many ads are using music from the 80s these days. Glad it's not just me who noticed it.

seiji k, thanks for visiting.

Ty Johnston, no problem. Enjoyed the collection quite a lot.

Shauna Roberts, I will have to do a fantasy quiz at some point. Not sure heavy metal is popular culture though. Popular in some circles.

cs harris said...

Actually, I HATE disco. But...

I have heard of five of the bands. Does that get me anything? Maybe I'm just marching to my own drummer.

cs harris said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Charles Gramlich said...

Candy, since I know you I'll give you a pass. :)

Danette Haworth said...


Haha! I'll have to point my husband to this quiz--I'm sure he'll be a lead guitarist or better. I myself am just a roadie wearing a black shirt.

Steve M said...

Found this too late. Shame, reckon I'd have done pretty well. A couple of answers would have been guess work but most of them sit in my collection.