Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Post I'm Not Ready to Make

Well, it's over. And I weep for the passing of summer vacation. It was a fruitful one. I put together and published Killing Trail, which included several brand new items as well as heavily rewritten older material. I completed putting together a collection of my vampire fiction, which I'm calling Midnight in Rosary, and which also includes a lot of revised material as well as brand new stuff. That anthology is submitted as we speak.

I sold five short stories to various markets, two of which have been published, and completed a roughly 7,000 word secret project. I got a surprise publication with "Precious Cargo" being selected for the Clarity of Night: Contests, Volume 1. I had a couple of nonfiction articles on writing published, and five haiku translated into Bulgarian. I did a lot of promoting for various projects, including Killing Trail and Bitter Steel.

I did a LOT of blogging, and made 500+ friends on Facebook. And I read and read and read.

But, alas, all good things must come to an end. Tomorrow I start back to school, and the writing output will slow to a trickle. I'll still be blogging and facebooking a bit. I'll try to post here every 3 days at least, and I'll try to get around to as many blogs as possible. During this summer, though, I often spent an hour and a half a day blogging and facebooking and that simply can't continue. My commute alone takes almost 3 hours a day. School hours vary depending on the time of the semester, but it ranges from 5 to 12. Then there's eating, sleeping, hanging with Lana, and trying to keep some writing projects alive.

In short, you'll be seeing me a lot less until next summer gets here. Some of you will probably find that a relief, but some of you will miss me. I'm practically sure of that! Almost sure. :)

Charles Gramlich


Cloudia said...

You are a major presence in our blogosphere...but your students need you too....congrats on an unbelievably fruitful Summer.

Do hope to see you from time to time though...

Warm Aloha from Waikiki :)

Comfort Spiral

Jessica Ferguson said...

This blogpost makes me sad... I feel as though you're going away for a long, long time.
Enjoy the school year.
Be safe on the highways.

Deka Black said...

And don't forget to use the safety belt of your car (seriously, use it).

For the blogging... Firsts things first. Your readers will know to be patient :)

Spy Scribbler said...

Already?! Good luck, Charles! I hope you have awesome students this year, and that you can squeeze in some time for writing.

We'll miss you!

G. B. Miller said...

Somehow, that phrase from a bad Arnie film keeps popping into my head:

"Please fasten your safety belt."

Somehow, I think you're gonna need it for this upcoming year.

And remember, even tho patience is a virtue, it pays to punish the student every once in a while to tip the scales back in your favor.

David Cranmer said...

I was going to say you only topped me by having the haiku translated into Bulgarian. Seriously, that was an impressive, productive summer. And helpful, I've saved your notes on publishing an eBook.

Issa's Untidy Hut said...

Well, congrats, Charles, on a productive time. Since there is a cliché for every occasion here you go:

"What's seldom is wonderful."

Your faithful followers will look for to the wonder.

Harry Markov said...

Bulgarian? I am Bulgarian. This has me stunned and pleased! Do tell more about the haikus.

jodi said...

Charles, boy, you sure made the best of your 'summer vacation'! Sounds like you have your priorities ready for fall tho--living in 'real time' and spending time with Lana is the MOST important thing...Enjoy, and of course stop by and see me!

Evan Lewis said...

Luckily, we'll have your books to read while you're away in the real world.

BernardL said...

A three hour commute?! OMG. It's no wonder you don't want the summer to end. I'm one of those people who if I had a three hour commute, I'd probably open a vein rather than do it. :) I guess you could dictate a whole manuscript while driving in a month.

Ty said...

Charles, you'll be missed when you're not around, but we'll be here waiting for you once the semester is over. Heck, do they even have semesters any more? Or is it quarters or something? Been forever since I've been part of any educational system.

Ron Scheer said...

You did good, bud. Happy summer's end. I've got a long commute, too. Just 12 miles each way, but it's all LA traffic. If I take the bus (which takes longer), I can read. So there's the trade-off...One change this semester, I've got my students using the blog function of Blackboard.

Unknown said...

Have a great semester, and if you see Bob Skinner around, tell him I said "hey."

Tom Doolan said...

It was nice to hang out with you this summer, Charles. I learned a bit, and got a good taste of western fiction that I had been jonesing for. Regardless of where you are, you inspire many of us, and we appreciate it.


pattinase (abbott) said...

Have a great semester, Charles. You certainly had a great summer.

nephite blood spartan heart said...

Yep-you will be missed. I have to get a card to get your books to fill the void.

AvDB said...

I will miss you. Sad thing is, I was so busy with myself this summer I didn't visit you and your words of wisdom as often as I should. Now that I have more time, you're moseying off. *Sigh* Starcrossed bloggers.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Do you have an iPhone? You could blog while commuting. Unless of course you're driving - that's not recommended.

Charles Gramlich said...

Cloudia, will do.

Jess, I will still be around, just not as often.

Deka, I do always wear a seat belt, although I used to not.

Natasha, thankee. I do hope for some great students.

G., I'm generally told my bark is worse than my bite.

David Cranmer, that was in some ways the coolest thing of all.

Don, that’s pretty deep, man.

Harry, since I can’t read Bulgarian I’m not sure which of ten I sent them were actually published,

Jodi, I felt like I was pretty productive.

Evan, that’s one of the nicest things anyone has ever said to me.

Bernardl, I know, it can be agony at times.

Ty Johnston, it’s still semesters where I teach. I’ve never gotten out of the educational system.

Ron Scheer, I’ve done electronic office hours, which was pretty nice. Not doing it this year, though. I can’t read but I’m going to get books on CD for the commute this year.

Bill Crider, Will do. Didn’t know you knew Bob. We see each other quite a lot.

Tom, thanks, man. I appreciate that.

pattinase (abbott), I did, I did, have a great summer.

David J. West, Cool.

AvDeeBee, lol. I’ll still be visiting, just not as much

Alex J. Cavanaugh, I am driving, and I don’t have an I-phone. I could blog through my kindle but I don’t think I will. Traffic is really bad on my commute

Don said...

This too shall pass. A good summer, anyway. At least you're in New Orleans!

Erik Donald France said...

Summer's Almost Gone . . . but judging from the temps, not quite . . .

Good luck shifting gears again -- sounds like a brutal commute . . . do you listen to audio books, or music, or talk, or silence?

Travis Erwin said...

May you have a great teaching year my friend.

Steve Malley said...

Definitely miss you! :)

Before you wander off back to work, I do have one question: where do I find those widgets you use to link to your books on Amazon?

Have fun competing with keg stands and walks of shame for your students' attention! :-p

Michelle's Spell said...

Hey Charles,

Summer's end is sad, sad, sad. Hope your semester is a good one --that commute is a bear! Good luck on keeping on the balls in the air -- especially writing!

Lana Gramlich said...

I hope the summer wasn't only fruitful, but well-enjoyed, also. It was sure nice having you around the house. :)

laughingwolf said...

yeah, all good things end too quickly... or some such ;) lol

well done, old bean... now, getcher ass back to 'real' work :P

Travis Cody said...

Best wishes for clever students who ask pertinent questions, use proper grammar, and don't plagiarize.

Charles Gramlich said...

Don, where it is very very hot.

Erik Donald France, I’ve been doing music but I’m strongly thinking of some audio books this year

Travis Erwin, thanks, bud.

Steve Malley, you have to sign up for something called “Amazon Associates,” which is free. Once you’ve signed in, you click on something called “links and banners,” which takes you to a place to get a “product link.” Once you have it you can copy their html directly into your blog post, or into the sidebar.

Michelle, the ideas always come fast and furious just when I get into a position where I can’t write freely.

Lana Gramlich, definitely enjoyed.

laughingwolf, not much choice anymore!

Travis Cody, fortunately, I’m not assigning any papers this semester so I won’t have to worry about the inevitable plagiarism.

Greg said...

congrats on all the publications! definitely a busy summer.

ivan said...


I put this comment in the space in the blog just behind. Wrong way, Corrigan.

It should be here.

It reads,

Ah, Xbox and its predecessor, Atari.

We had this cute parody of a song by Pink Floyd when I ran for office to protest the "malling" of my hometown:

We don't need a new Atari
We don't need no Gretsky doll.

No Incredibles for our stocking.
Leave our kids alone.

Hey, Wall-Mart leave our kids alone!

...All in all you're just another shop in the mall.

Ah well. I became something of a local TV celebrity, but no cigar, no mayoralty. :)

laughingwolf said...

if'n independently wealthy, you could retire, no? ;) lol

Heff said...

Stop by when you can, dude !

Unknown said...

You make me laugh. I keep thinking, I can't wait for summer to be over so dang people will stay home and quit coming to visit and then I can get some work done. I have had about two full weeks the entire summer without someone spending the night, or the week, or whatever. Come on Sept.

Chris Benjamin said...

You will definitely be missed, but not totally as we'll still see you every third day ;-)

Congratulations on a very productive, and prolific, summer.

SQT said...

Live Avery I feel like we're star-crossed bloggers. Having my kids home for the summer was quite the distraction. Now they're back and I'm able to visit my friends more. Darn it all.

BStearns said...

REVOLT! I demand a revolt! It will be a much lonelier blogosphere without you around so much Charles, but I wish you a great year of teaching. Hopefully you can make it on every so often to say hi. See you soon!

Charles Gramlich said...

Greg Schwartz, thankee.

ivan,I like that. My wife would really like that as well. She loves PInk Floyd.

laughingwolf, the big word there is "IF"

Heff, will do.

Carole, different schedules I guess. I imagine that's a good thing

Charles Gramlich said...

benjibopper, every third day. sounds almost religious. :)

SQT, the world doesn't seem to take our schedules into account.

Bryan, oh I'll still be dropping around from time to time. I"d revolt if I had the money!

sage said...

You've had a productive summer! Congratulations. It has been a crazy summer for me, and right now I'm involved in a move--i'm in my new office!

writtenwyrdd said...

You're a prolific writer, Charles, and congrats on all the good things the summer's brought. You definitely earned them!

Stay sane through the semester. We'll be here when you have a few spare minutes to blog.

Charles Gramlich said...

Sage, been a while since I've gotten a new office. I like the one I've got pretty well now.

Writtenwyrd, thankee.

the walking man said...

Dude just give them all A's on the first day of class and tell them to make sure they come back for the final exam.

Charles Gramlich said...

Mark, I have considered it.

JR's Thumbprints said...

Good luck with the beginning of a new school year. I'm sure you'll see your share of negative-students. I too have cut back on blogging. I'm spending more time on my journal of writing, plus reading.

Vesper said...

…yet, I just loved reading it. You’ve had a summer busy in many wonderful ways and thank you for sharing its spirit. Congratulations for your many literary achievements! :-)

SzélsőFa said...

what a successfull summer you had as a writer. congratulations to those publications!
another thing that surprised me: you managed to tell&do so much with only blogging 90 minutes a day. you must have an amazing ability to make good use of time.

Charles Gramlich said...

JR, it's a choice, and it effects promotion and sales for sure, but sometimes you gotta.

Vesper, thank you. I appreciate the kind words.

SzélsőFa, I try to be pretty efficient with the blogging. It's not always easy.