Monday, September 22, 2008

Hot Blue and Righteous

Some of you will get the references in this drunken piece of drivel, but only if you're a fan of a certain Little Old Band. There's even a tie-in between the band and the second part of my post for today.


Three went blind to Texas
Down to the forest and the plains
Drew a last “got paid” from the bank
Bought one hellraiser bottle of black
Carried a siphon under pressure
Cause gas cost too much nationwide
And they bummed sparks and beer
And smoked the butts gone
Drank the Rio Grande to dregs
While the Top played the radio
And they dreamed women
Blackbirds and pearls
Francine with legs
But when momma called
On that long distance cell-o-phone
And daddy didn’t tell ‘em
To boogie woogie
They brought their blue jeans
Home to Mississippi
What’s up with that?

Also, a good friend of mine, Scott Hall, has just started to blog. He’s a fellow REHupan, a fine writer, and another “longhair.” Please give him a welcome over at Blog of the Beast. And no, beast is a nickname for him, not anything to do with him being the son of Satan. Although, I swear a time or two in Cross Plains, Texas I’ve seen the outline of horns under his Viking hair. Coulda just been the beer. And the mead.

BTW, Scott and I have another thing in common. We’re both married to women far higher on the looks scale than we are. Talk about beauties and the beasts they married.

*Waves at Kim and Lana*


Lana Gramlich said...

You're too kind, sweetie pie. Kind & damned hot, smart & funny, too. ;)

Heff said...

Although I know this has nothing to do with the reference, it sounds like some Molly Hatchet lyrics to me.

Gina said...

Sounds like someone was kinda..stoned while writing those lyrics lol

ivan said...

Holy redneck ethanol, Batman!

Charles Gramlich said...

Lana, no you.

Heff, southern fried rock, for sure.

Gina, what gave it away? lol.

Ivan, indeed.

Miladysa said...

I'd recognised that reference to The Osmonds anywhere! It was the Osmonds right? Not that I remember them myself mind you...

Steve Malley said...

I didn't know Hanson wrote their own material!

Charles Gramlich said...

Miladysa and Steve Malley, OK, you guys are really asking for it now. I bet you both think you're so funny.

Paul said...

Thanks for the link, just stopped by his blog.

Personally, I'm married, so to speak, to a face that's too good looking for my body. And my face isn't even that good looking.

But this stuff is all relative. If you saw my relatives, you'd see what I mean...

David Cranmer said...

Not familiar with the reference but me gusta. Where can I get me some of that mead?!

Travis Cody said...

Can I join the club? I'm still trying to figure out how I got lucky enough to have my Lady pick me too.

I'm fairly certain I got the reference. I'm just looking for the hot '33.

Erik Donald France said...

Terrrif -- you can definitely be writing more lyrics.

As for Molly Hatchet, holy moly -- brings back another "Southern rock" song, "High Tide and Green Grass."

Hadn't thought of that one for quite a little while.

Cheers to "long hairs" (My Dad used to call all musicians and artists that)

Barrie said...

Drat. I didn't get. But I will pop over and see your friend.

Sam said...

Oh dear - posted and my post isn't there. Got an error message.
Will try again!
This long-hair is just not good with techno stuff.

Off to visit the blog of the beast.

the walking man said...

Nothing like a road trip. Nothing like a road trip. Nothing like a road trip. Nothing like a road trip. Nothing like a road trip.

Greg said...

I don't get the reference but like the poem... especially the line "blackbirds and pearls." i like that image.

Charles Gramlich said...

Paul, I'm convinced at least that you know what you mean. ;)

David Cranmer, Scott knows the supplier. He brought it with him to Cross Plains last year. Damn good.

Travis, seems like it's a big club but sure.

Erik, Green grass and high tides is an awesome song.

Drat, the poem contains lyrics or titles to a bunch of this band's songs.

Sam, I have that trouble fairly often, especially with the darn word recognition thing.

Mark, sounds like you need a road trip.

Greg, not something I'd ever submit, but who knows, I might send it to the band in question.

writtenwyrdd said...

Unless the band referenced is ZZ Top I haven't a clue. Nice poem, though.

And now I want a smoky bar, beer, and a loud country rock band.

BernardL said...

I killed a few brain cells down in Texas with my brother; and although my memory's a little unreliable, I believe 'She's Got Legs' was one of the night's featured songs. :)

Ello - Ellen Oh said...

Charles - you are way too hard on yourself! I think you look very handsome! You and Lana make a lovely pair.

Course in my family, my husband keeps insisting he's the prettier one. Grrrr.

virtualjourney said...

Mead...did you say mead? Elizabethan is good....

chris said...

ZZ Top,thats my story and I'M sticking with it.

Charles Gramlich said...

Writtenwyrd, I shall neither confirm nor deny at this moment, but I will post the complete annotated answer tomorrow.

Bernardl, I've killed some brain cells there myself. Never "added" any brain cells in Texas so that says something about the state.

Ello, as long as I'm standing beside Lana she raises my ranking a bit.

Virtual voayge, aye, Mead. Don't you just have to say "aye" when you say mead?

Chris, I like a man of convictions.

laughingwolf said...

that be zz top?

neat to be able to see the keybored under the circumstances, charles, or ye hafta close one eye to focus? :O lol

Tyhitia Green said...

Not sure of those lyrics...drat. I'll have to stop by your friend's place as well. And stop calling yourself a beast...sheesh. You and Lana are both lucky people. :-)

Shauna Roberts said...

I'm completely lost on the lyric references, but I'll visit your friend's new blog.

Rick said...

Hello Charles. Love the lyrics, even reading them sober.

And I'll definitely drop by your friend's new blog.

Charles Gramlich said...

Laughingwolf, close one eye and correct spelling later.

Demon hunter, you're too kind.

Shauna, I didn't figure this band would be getting heavy play time on your turntable.

Vwriter, thankee.

Lana Gramlich said...

Charles, I must protest...
1. No, YOU, and
2. You raise MY ranking, so stop kidding yourself, and
3. Are you insulting my husband, again, albeit in a backhanded way??? Is Lana Gramlich gonna have to choke a b!tch?

Virginia Lady said...

I vote for ZZ Top. Has that kind of feel to me.

Long hair = good
beer = good
mead = better

Paul R. McNamee said...

Palladia(?) (formerly MTV HiDef) were running a ZZ Top live in Texas concert over the weekend.

5.1 sound and hidef picture. It sounded _really_ good. It was a nice long show, too. 1 1/2 hrs I think.

Scott said...

Thanks for the plug Charles, and thanks to all who've stopped by my blog to check it out. Hope you like it!

Scott said...

Hell, any woman is too good looking to be with me!

Charles Gramlich said...

Lana, *just blows her a kiss*

Virginia Lady, soon to be revealed for sure.

Paul, ZZ Top was my first concert. I still remember it fondly.

Scott, no problem. As for the good looking part, I can't argue there, my friend.

Mary Witzl said...

I never knew ZZ Top were from Texas! My kids and husband would probably have gotten all of those references, but they'd have sailed right over my head. Good images, though -- I'd have caught that part!

Barbara Martin said...

Beauty from the inside is best.