Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Where the Wild Things Are

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it here but we have quite a few wild creatures living in the woods around our house. So far I haven’t seen any deer, but I’ve seen their tracks. I have seen rabbits and squirrels, and also possums and raccoons. The last two species are a rambunctious lot. Two days ago we put up a bird feeder. Yesterday Lana noticed that something had torn the bottom out of it to get at the food. We suspect a raccoon, although I suppose it could have been a squirrel. This morning I found poop right at the bottom of my steps. It was small poop so I’m pretty sure it was an animal. I’m hoping it was an animal. I know it wasn’t rabbit or squirrel, but I think it might have been either possum or raccoon.

You know you’re in the country when you find coon shit at your front door.

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