Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Strange Days

We are experiencing an unusual fall this year. I’m not talking about the weather, but about the fact that the New Orleans Saints are winning. They are 3 and 0, and this week they won their first game on Monday Night Football since 1992. The Saints are traditionally not fast starters. Nor are they strong finishers. In fact, they are, traditionally, not very good at all. They’ve won exactly one playoff game in their history, which dates from 1967, and other than a few years in the early 90s under coach Jim Mora, they’ve actually posted very few winning seasons. Understandably, there is quite a bit of football excitement right now in the city that care forgot. There is also quite a bit of skepticism. The Saints have broken the fan’s hearts before, so many of us are not yet ready to hand them the keys to the city. Still, wouldn’t it be grand? Could we have a great season? Could we get TWO playoff victories? Or, dare we consider it, a Super Bowl trip?

No. NO! I say to myself. Don’t give in to hope. Don’t….give…in….AARRGHHH!

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