Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Writers I know 2

Wayne Allen Sallee's blog is another of my links, and I first met this completely strange (in the good way) horror writer at another New Orleans SF conference. Unlike Sid Williams, Wayne works almost exclusively in the short story. And he’s damn good at it. I’d rank him at least in the top five of horror writers alive today who work in the short form, along with such luminaries as Dennis Etchison and Ramsey Campbell. In fact, his work reminds me just a bit of Campbell’s in that it is intensely introspective and psychological.

Wayne has written a novel called Holy Terror, which might be difficult to find, and he’s also written the most compelling autobiography that I’ve ever read. It’s called True Tales of the Scarlet Sponge and is only forty-five or so pages long. It’s unfortunately out of print, but is an amazing work that will rip you open.

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