Friday, June 23, 2006

David Lanoue

David Lanoue is one of my best friends, and he’s also a helluva good writer. His link is on my blog. Dave teaches English at Xavier University, where I teach Psychology, and we’ve known each other for close to twenty years. He was in the first writing/critique group that I ever got involved with, and each of us wrote a novel in that group that was later published. His book was called Haiku Guy and it is a wonderfully written novel filled with humor, delightful prose, and unique characters. It’s the most enjoyable literary novel I’ve ever read, and the good thing about finishing it is that there is a sequel, Laughing Buddha that expands on the stories of some of the great characters.

Dave translates haiku from the original Japanese into English, and he also writes his own poetry. In Haiku Guy and Laughing Buddha he has combined poetry and prose into a seamless meld called the “Haiku Novel.” I highly recommend it.

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