Friday, November 11, 2016

A Dream Night to Remember

 Dreams 11-11-2016:

Weird how some nights I remember my dreams very well and other nights not so much. Last night was a good one. I had three dreams that I remember.

First dream. I had rescued a black bear that had lost its mother.  He was very sweet and affectionate. He was cuddly and loved to rub noses. At one point, we were out in the field walking and saw another bear, a big adult male, attacking our cattle. Terrified, I grabbed up the little bear and hid behind a fallen tree. The cows were able to defend themselves, though. A group of them struck back against the bear and two held him down while one sat on him. I took off for the house, carrying the little bear, and reported the incident to my mom and dad. End. (In the dream, the cows sitting on the bear didn’t seem odd to me. I imagine this dream was inspired by the book, The Bear, which involved an orphan bear and which I read a couple of weeks ago.)

Second dream. Don’t remember many details about this one. There was a young girl who was possessed. At one point I saw her sitting in a pond with her head down in the water. As I watched, she  lifted her head out of the water and her long hair was matted over her face. She hissed from beneath her hair, which creeped me out. (I’m sure this was inspired by a piece of the sitcom Blackish that I watched last night, where the grandmother believed that one of her young granddaughters was possessed and evil.)

Third dream. I was a security guard at a big company. My partner was Colin Farrell. We were in a car cruising the grounds when we saw a door open into the building. It was a door of metal bars set between two brown stone columns. I called attention to it and we went in. There were a bunch of empty rooms. I pushed open the door to the bathroom and saw a shadowy figure move quickly behind it. He was missing his eyes but there seemed other things wrong with him.

I backed away and called to my partner. He came in and I asked for his gun. I didn’t have one.  While I was doing this, the figure darted out of the bathroom and around the corner into another hallway that I couldn’t see. I started to approach that corridor and a couple of people turned the corner and looked concerned or confused. I knew they’d seen the thing. One particular man I remember was  dressed in a suit and tie and carrying a briefcase. Some other folks came from another direction and were also milling around.

Suddenly, the figure burst out of the hallway he’d gone into and came charging toward us. He was on fire. I yelled something about it being a zombie and shot it. I didn’t shoot it in the head but it went down. People were staring.  I stepped back outside for a moment and saw Colin Farrell pacing back and forth, looking upset. I figured it was because he’d never seen anyone shot before.

I went back in. There was a young kid sitting not far from the dead man. Suddenly he looked up at me and his face changed. His eyes got huge and turned completely full of black. He looked a bit like a Predator from the movie of that name. When I saw the kid change I knew the zombie effect was starting to spread. Then I woke up.

(The kid looked almost exactly like a photo I saw a day or two ago on facebook. It showed a big guy who’d been arrested who had dreadlocks and resembled the Predator in some ways. That was the caption beneath it too.  The zombie on fire was probably from the video game Doom, where you see these kinds of things. I was playing it a bit last week.)


Oscar Case said...

It's amazing what the brain retains, like your vivid dreams, Charles.

Cloudia said...

you are a Fellini sleeper, Charles

Charles Gramlich said...

Oscar, tis fun

Cloudia, cool!

the walking man said...

Your dreamscapes are best left on the pillow Charles. Although the 3 dreams in reality, would certainly make for an interesting day.

Prashant C. Trikannad said...

Charles, are you sure these are dreams? They sound like edge-of-the-seat stories that I'd enjoy reading.

Charles Gramlich said...

Mark, I dream therefore I am.

Prashant, they may end up as stories. In time,

Erik Donald France said...

The coolest dreams, Charles!

Fascinating, too, how elements from reading or watching while awake provide materials for dream-stories. Maybe this is how God makes stories in the multiverse, constantly remixing the story lines. . .

The "eyes" have it ~ though the ears seem to lend a hand . . . the girl hissing from behind her hair. A visceral image, indeed, from the Cave of Remembered Dreams.

sage said...

Interesting dreams! I haven't been dreaming as much lately-or remembering as much

Rick Robinson said...

I have very detailed dreams, but unless my sleep is interrupted, I rarely remember them. I often find they are connected to whatever I was discussing, reading or watching shortly before going to bed. My dreams = that I remember - are rarely frightening in any way.

X. Dell said...

I find it fascinating that your dreams contain so many pop culture references.

Riot Kitty said...

Wow. Minus the guy with missing eyes, I would love to have Colin Farrell as my partner security guard ;)

Charles Gramlich said...

Erik, it all becomes grist for the mill

Sage, I'm off a few days and that always helps

Richard, I tend to remember them best when I'm getting enough sleep.

X. Dell, most of my reading and TV viewing are of such.

Riot Kitty, I can think of others I'd have preferred. :)