Monday, February 11, 2013

Mardi Gras and The Walking Dead

Google Reader is acting up this morning. It first showed me 223 posts from friends, but as I looked these were almost all ones I'd seen before. As soon as it gets straightened out I'll get around to visiting blogs. In the meantime, I thought I'd put up my own post for today.

Monday, February 11. This is the day before Mardi Gras down here and I'm off work through Wednesday. I'm certainly glad to be off, but I'm not a fan of Mardi Gras. I don't particularly like crowds and parades. I'd much rather stay home and get in some rest and reading. It sure was nice not to have to get up at a quarter to  six this morning.

I wasted most of the weekend. Watched a lot of The Walking Dead marathon before the new episode aired last night. I'm a big fan of the show and Lana has become a fan was well. She has even started reading the graphic novels that spawned the show and she brought me the first three volumes home from the library. I enjoyed them and the basic idea is indeed the same, but there are differences in characters that are a bit disconcerting at times. There's no Darrell or Merle in the graphic novels and I do like those characters quite a bit.

Today, I'm going to get back into the writing and see if I can make progress on Wraith of Talera. I was so busy at the end of last week at school that I got nothing done on the book so it's been almost five days. Let's hope I'm not too rusty.

Enjoy your day!


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I'd avoid Mardi Gras as well.
Good, it's not just me - my Google Reader has been off kilter all morning. It did fix itself for a while. But I logged in to over a thousand unread blogs and almost had a heart attack!

mybillcrider said...

My Google Reader has also gone berserk this morning. Strange things are happening.

Charles Gramlich said...

Alex, I tried clicking on some and saying, Read all, and it would work, then would come back up a moment later with all the same ones

Bill, glad it's not just me but hope they get the thing fixed soon. I rely on it.

BernardL said...

I confess to being a 'Dead' fan, but I am the lone fan at my house. :)

Deka Black said...

I'm more a game of Thrones fan, (mosty because the books)

Golden Eagle said...

Google Reader seems to be working okay for me . . . well, technically, anyway. The 600+ unread posts freaked me out.

Hope the writing goes well!

A said...

I'm still catching up on the Walking Dead and have to be careful not to look at anything online that might have spoilers haha.

Sarah Hina said...

I've heard so many good things about the Walking Dead. Maybe I need to give it a go.

I hope you enjoy some quiet time off, Charles. I'm not one for crowds, either.

Riot Kitty said...

Cheers to staying in, reading and writing. I hate crowds. Funny how I ended up in charge of them for work.

Cloudia said...

Agree on the aversion to crowds, but once a year is the exception that proves the rule for me with Chinese new year as you've seen. Now that I've gone e-book, it seems I should be working on my live-aboard boater saga. . . Do enjoy your rest; sometimes it's the most productive investment you can make in yourself and your work, Charles.

Aloha to YOU BOTH (Yay Lana)
from Honolulu,
Comfort Spiral
~ > < } } ( ° >

the walking man said...

Pshaw to rust...go on down to the FQ and see if you can find my neighbor down there to get beads...but she won't be lifting any tops at 68 years old and dignified.

We don't have Mardi Gras up here we have polish 13500 calorie donut like things call Pasczkis. You're not a man if you can't eat a dozen or two.

Detroit Mardi Gras

laughingwolf said...

guess there's no way to convince you to head down to rio for the brazilian carnaval, charles? ;)

i'm with you, tend to shun crowds as much as possible

lately 'free time' means nap time, as i recover from the worst case of shingles i've encountered [first was a piece of cake, but i was in my late 20s then...] this is the second, and i hope, last :(

Charles Gramlich said...

Bernard, if anything, Lana is more "rabid" than I am now. :)

Deka,I don't get the cable channel for that so haven't seen it. I'm sure I'd like it.

Golden Eagle, yeah, that was scary. Gonna try again today.

"A" good idea. I'm sure there are plenty around. I'm all caught up though. I even watch "the Talking dead."

Sarah, peace and quiet is what I truly love.

Riot Kitty, I've had the same kind of thing happen to me. maybe we are being punished for a past life. :)

Cloudia, we went to the local "push mow" parade, which is a few dozen people with lawnmowers and four wheelers pulling wagons. That was about my speed. :) Luck with the writing.

Mark,another challenge to my manhood. when will the madness ever cease? :)

Laughingwolf, oww, man. I hear those can be painful. I remember when Josh got them and he had quite a bit of pain. I've never had them. Hope you feel better soon.

laughingwolf said...

thx bud, third week now, symptoms are receding... only blotches left; still tender to the touch, but the pain's easing up some as well... hope to see it gone in another week or so....

Charles Gramlich said...

Laughingwolf, I remember how tender Josh's side was when he got it. Couldn't stand to have a shirt touching it.

jodi said...

Charles, I've always wanted to visit New Orleans and go to Mardi Gras. Maybe on the very last day to just get a taste of it. Crowds and parades in very short spurts!

Vesper said...

Mardi Gras... makes me think of the French heritage of Louisiana... very interesting.
And I really should start watching The Walking Dead! :-)

pattinase (abbott) said...

I like the WD too-off and on. I have no idea what google reader is. have to investigate. Good luck with the writing.

Prashant C. Trikannad said...

Charles, I love the idea of staying home, resting and reading, watching a little television, generally pottering around the house. The more I grow older, the less I like social visits. I am not so tuned into Google Reader yet.

Greg said...

Good luck with the writing, nice to get a couple days off. I'm still waiting to find time to watch the new episode from Sunday.

ivan said...

I shrove on Tuesday.

Did you shrive? No? Then we're sriven.

Would have been better with Mardi, the French chick.

And today is Ash Wednesday. Blue Wednesday.
Need to get the old mood up.
Gotta write some poetry...Find somebody good to plagiarize.
T.S. Eliot makes a hell of a first draft. Maybe I could cleverly disguise. :)

Ty said...

Never been to Mardi Gras. Kind of wanted to go when I was younger, just never got around to it.

As for "The Walking Dead," I'm a bigger fan of the graphic novels than I am the show, but the show is still pretty good (and allowed me to finally get my other half hooked on something zombie related ... though she says the show is basically "Lost" with zombies, and I can kind of see her point with all the wandering around in the woods during 2nd season). Still, I like the Darrell character. Merle doesn't do much for me, but then I've never been a big Michael Rooker fan (other than his work in "Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer," in which I thought he was excellent).

laughingwolf said...

yup, and another prob is sleeping; love to lie on that side, to start out, and move through the night... not been able to

some relief w/o a shirt, but then i get cold, wake up, and start over... manage 2-3 hr/night... tough to fall asleep again, ack!

X. Dell said...

I've met a few people from the New Orleans area. Don't know one of them who's a big fan of Mardi Gras.

Come to think of it, they didn't say anything about being fans of the Walking Dead, either.

Charles Gramlich said...

jodi, It’s well worth seeing at least once. I used to go fairly regularly.

Vesper, even my wife likes Walking Dead and she is not into horror.

pattinase (abbott), Google reader is a program that tells you when blogs that you follow put up a new post. It saves me quite a lot of time. Just google it.

Prashant C. Trikannad, I’ve come to rely on Google reader. I used to keep my blog list on my blog and check them every day but wow that took time.

Greg, was a pretty good season opener, I thought.

ivan, who reads Eliot anymore anyway? 

Ty Johnston. I really like Rooker’s work. Merle is a character I love to hate, though, of course. I saw the series before I started reading the graphic novels so I’m probably biased toward the TV series somewhat. Enjoying the graphic work as well, though

laughingwolf, I can’t lie in one position through the night either. I’m constantly turning.

X. Dell, For locals, Mardi Gras ads a LOT of hassle. Parade issues and traffic. Trash everywhere. Drunks wandering the streets. Noise. Many enjoy it but quite a few have had enough.

Travis Erwin said...

I've never watched Walking Dead but I hear good things. Give Lana a hug for me. I apologize for being a crappy blog friend to you both.

Travis Cody said...

Coming out of the other end of a weekend a bit more relaxed than you went in means the weekend wasn't wasted. I hope that's how it went for you.

I don't like zombies, so no Walking Dead for me.

Charles Gramlich said...

Travis Erwin, you are forgiven! :)

Travis Cody, man, zombies are the new 30, or something like that. :)

Snowbrush said...

I lived 100 miles from New Orleans for 36 years and never once went to Mardi Gras. I don't care what it is, if I have to be in crowd to experience it, I'm not interested. I take it that we're a bit alike about that.