Sunday, July 26, 2009

Write With Fire, Part Duex

Thanks so much to everyone for the overwhelming support for Write With Fire. I really appreciate everyone putting the word out. I’ve been doing a lot of publicizing for it on my own. (I think it’s easier to write the darn things.) So far, there’ll be a write up in my home town newspaper, The Charleston Express, in Charleston, Arkansas. It’s nice to know an editor. In this case he’s my brother Paul David!

I’m working on setting up a talk and signing at the Causeway branch of the St. Tammany Library on September 19. I’ve contacted the library folks about it and we have that date tentatively set. I’ll let folks know for sure. It’s nice to know someone who works in the local library. In this case it’s my wife Lana Gramlich! (See it is who you know.) :)

I also will be guest blogging over at Novel Spaces on September 18. I’ll get more information out about what I’m going to blog about as the date moves closer. I’ll just say it’ll be about ‘writing.’ But you knew that.

Finally, I’ve made a connection with Kathy Spiess over at Tale of Two Sisters Bookstore, in Covington, Louisiana, only a few miles from my home. They had their grand opening his past Saturday and I spent an enjoyable couple of hours there. Very nice folks. It’s good to have a privately owned bookstore in the area again. They may be able to make some of my books available in the local community. That would be nice. I have to send Kathy some stuff about my work. That’s on my to-do list for today.

By the way, the book is also available on Barnes & Noble for those who prefer to shop there rather than Amazon.

In the meantime, I’m gonna post some links below to other folks who have posted or blogged about Write With Fire. And If I missed anyone I’m sorry.

Mark, over at the The Walking Man put up such a nice post about me that it took me a moment to realize I was the actual guy he was talking about. You can check out the post, but stay for Mark’s poetry.

I’d also like to thank Pattie Abbott for her kind words about the book. How she found time with all she’s doing, I don’t know.

And Steve Malley posted on it. Steve, I want to read some more graphic novels from you, dude.

James Reasoner over at Rough Edges posted about it. James has forgotten more than I’ve learned about writing. I’d love to see a bio published on James.

Sarai posted about the book. Even though I’m sure she’s very busy right now after her promotion. Congrats!

Natasha Fondren had kind things to say. And much appreciated.

Laughingwolf was actually the first to do a post, I believe. Much appreciated.

Even Wil Harrison has put up a link for the book on his sidebar. It fits right in with some of his weirder “pics of the day” kind of stuff. Thanks, Wil.

I'm adding another link for Rick, who has put up a link for the book. Read his post about the "Dragons of Creativity," as well. Eerie stuff with a lot of substance beneath the wicked prose.


Lana Gramlich said...

Did you contact the LA Book Festival people about it?

Rick said...

I posted a link up on the right hand side of my page, and have ordered several copies. After I've read it, I'll post a review and, if you don't mind, I'll promote it for you at the ConClave 2009 Convention this year. I'm on writing panels, which will be a perfect venue to get the word out in person.

I'm really looking forward to reading this Charles.

laughingwolf said...

yupper, it DO matter who ye KNOW! ;) lol

grats on all the pub stuff, ye be doin' it RIGHT!

j said...

From what I can tell St. Tammany is close to the LA/MA line? Not THAT far from Mobile Alabama, is it? A road trip could be fun!

Charles Gramlich said...

Lana, I'm emailing them this evening.

Rick, thanks very much, my friend. I really appreciate that. Certainly I won't mind. When is Conclave?

Charles Gramlich said...

Laughingwolf. Never hurts.

Jennifer, I'm not sure how far it would be. I'll post the address to the library as time gets closer. Then you could check it out on mapquest. I certainly don't expect folks to drive a long ways to get there, though.

Rick said...

Hey Charles, it will be October 6-9 in Romulus, Michigan (about 20 minutes out of Detroit), at the Holiday Inn Crown Plaza. William Jones will be there and he's coordinating the panels that are writing related. Love to have you come if you have the time.

Erik Donald France said...

Uber, man. Once my order comes in, I'll be sure to plug it some more.

Cool set up with readings and writeups. Love it!

Charles Gramlich said...

Rick, it's pretty unlikely. Any cons outside the summer are very difficult for me to get to given the teaching. I hate to miss classes. I'll have a look at it though.

Erik, thanks. I appreciate that, man.

babYpose said...

Hi Razored Zen,

Your busy schedule shows a good sign in September onwards, good luck :)

Unknown said...

I've got to give this nepotism thing a try. It seems useful.

BernardL said...

You're right, it is easier to write the book. :)

Charles Gramlich said...

BabYpose, thanks. I hope so. I appreciate your visit.

daniel, I understand it works even better if your relatives are people with lots of money. ;)

BernardL, when you're writing the only person you have to depend on and interact with is yourself about it. But selling involves other folks. And that is a nightmare for an introvert like myself.

Chris Benjamin said...

Congrats Charles! What a great project and I hope you sell billions. To me any writer who makes a go of it for 20 years has an inspiring story to tell.

Chris Benjamin said...

ps. it's a great title.

Charles Gramlich said...

Benjibopper. I sure wish it would be a big breakthrough book. It would be nice to labor in the vinyards 20 years and then reap the rewards.

jodi said...

Charles, I will buy, read and blog about the book after I have read it. OK? All my support, Jodi

X. Dell said...

I haven't forgotten. I'll plug it when I'm done with the current series. It'll be the new wave, right?

Charles Gramlich said...

Jodi, thanks much. I appreciate that.

X-Dell, that would be perfect, yes. Much appreciated.

Mary Witzl said...

It may be who you know sometimes, but I can guarantee you that it's what YOU know that will make people buy this book!

You're so lucky to have a privately run bookshop only a few miles away from your town! We had one in our town, but it died because of lack of patronage.

the walking man said...

As long as there is the steady progression towards your goals Charles no one could ask for more.

Anonymous said...

I really need to get more intellectual on my blog. I'm not sure that I am digging the online stigma that I seemingly have created for myself.


Charles Gramlich said...

Mary Witzl, the bookshop just started up so I hope it will survive. I plan to patronize it often.

Mark, that's pretty much one thing I say in the book. Consistency over time is the key.

Wil, dude I thought you were developing a "platform" as writers say.

SQT said...

Congrats Charles. I'll be sure to get a mention of this up.

Heff said...

It's ALWAYS "who you know", over "what you know". Don't know why, but that's the case, lol.

Cloudia said...

This is exciting!
Comfort Spiral

Charles Gramlich said...

SQT, thanks, I appreciate that.

Heff, sometimes it's what you 'don't' know.

Cloudia, yes it is. I'm certianly happy.

Scott said...


Congrtas on your latest book...I'll be sure to get a copy for myself. I can't wait to read it!

Hope all is well with you and Lana. Take care!

Charles Gramlich said...

Scott, thanks. Yeah Lana and I are doing pretty well. I'm getting a lot done in my summer.

Angie said...

Had to drop by and LOL at you about the Week From Hell, described on pages 99-101. I read it, cracked up, then took the book upstairs and read that part out loud to my husband. We came to an agreement that you must've desecrated a shrine or something immediately prior to that week. :D

Sorry, but that was a great piece, heh. Definitely puts things into perspective.

BTW, this is where I'm at; the book came Wednesday and I'm reading it in bits and pieces. That's why I haven't posted about it yet; I don't pimp books I haven't read. It'll probably be a few more days at this rate before I finish. Definitely good stuff so far, though, even aside from the post-shrine-desecration week. ;D


Charles Gramlich said...

Angie, lol. Yes, do I remember that week. What in the world happened I don't know but I'm thankful I've never had another week quite like it. Thanks for picking up a copy. I'm glad you're enjoying so far. I tend to read books like that fairly slowly myself. Since it is a collection of various kinds of essays.

sage said...

maybe I'll get around to writing a review--I ordered it yesterday!