Thursday, October 16, 2008

More Halloween Horror October Links

My next flash fiction story, #4, will be up Friday but in the meantime there is plenty of new stuff to read regarding Halloween Horror October. New stories are rolling in from around the blogosphere, and there are some non-fiction things happening as well.

Although not officially described as a Halloween Horror, Bernardl certainly has a Halloween themed short horror piece at his blog. It’s entitled Jack-o-Lantern.

Sidney Williams has thrown a second Horror flash into the mix. It’s a very nasty one, and similarly entitled Jack-O-Lanterns. I suppose evil minds think alike.

Laughingwolf has two, count ‘em two, flash horror pieces up at his blog. These are: freaky flash iii, and witch. “witch" is particularly interesting, I think.

L. A. Mitchell treats us to a haunting and lyrical piece of mood horror called Home.

And for non-fiction, Rick at “The Writer and the White Cat” is running a very informative series about the “monsters” of horror fiction. His latest report is on “The Sex Lives of Werewolves.”

And over at “Blog of the Beast,” Scott is doing a series on horror movies, including one of the goriest films ever, “Dead-Alive,” which was directed by none other than Peter Jackson.

If that isn’t enough, you can find my first three horror flash fictions at my blog under the names “Halloween Flash #1, #2, and #3.

And, in case you missed any of them, below we have the links to more short horrors by our colleagues in the blogosphere. I never guessed when I said for folks to “join in” that we’d have so much creative effort put toward the writing of flash fiction horror tales. A pleasant surprise! Or an “unpleasant” one depending on whether you like horror fiction or not.

Fat Man
by Stewart Sternberg.

Twisted by Miladysa.

Having His Say by Sidney Williams.

The Empress of the Fescue
, by Avery DeBow.

Problem Child by Avery Debow.

by Laughingwolf

lady jane, another by Laughingwolf.

Finally, the new Illuminata is out. That’s the October 2008 issue. It has pieces in it by myself and the blog world’s own Rachel.


LoveRundle said...

Flash is a little hard for me to write, but seeing all these great stories really makes me feel like I should be writing Halloween instead of taking pictures of it.

This is fun though! You are really pulling everyone together.

David Cranmer said...

Charles, these are some really remarkable stories. I've already mentioned it but I see a nice anthology in the making.

Steve Malley said...

Thanks for helping me stay on top of the merriment. My favorite season, and I'm so busy I'm missing it!!

Charles Gramlich said...

Christina, yes, there's been some surprising stuff.

David, you've got me thinking along those lines too. Some great stuff here.

Steve Malley, oh man, sometimes you've got to stop and smell the treats.

Chris Benjamin said...

I think I read that one on Writer's Block in Illuminata before -was that originally a blog post here? But I read it again and enjoyed it again. Makes me think there is a level of fame that a writer is better off not achieving.

Leigh Russell said...

Hallowe'en certainly seems to inspire people. I'm not sure my daughter would approve if I tried to write a scary Hallowe'en story - she was born on Hallowe'en!

Charles Gramlich said...

Benjibopper, that piece was a revised version from what was posted here on the blog. It's a fair amount longer but the basic points in the first part of it are pretty much the same.

Leigh Russell, an October baby eh? both Lana and I are October babies. They rule.

Chris Eldin said...

I just read Bernardl's and loved it! Will come back later to check out more links.

I don't know why, but I really like horror-flash.

laughingwolf said...

i've read all linked tales, charles, and must say they're brilliant :D

[nudder one rocktober kid, me]

Lucas Pederson said...

Hey Charles! I made it back in time to see you have a little Halloween flash fiction thing going on. Thought I'd join in. My piece might be a little over the word limit at about 1,500 words, but the story just sort of took off.

Anyhoo, check it out when you have time. I'll be reading yours and others sicne i found a little extra time to do so. Can't wait!!

Charles Gramlich said...

Chris Eldin, yes Bernardl's is a good one. There's a bunch of very creative stuff.

Laughingwolf, definitely good stuff.

Lucas, good to see you. So glad you joined in. I'll get the link up tomorrow.

X. Dell said...

This has been a fascinating enterprise. I'm almost tempted to jump on this myself. But I'll leave it to you experts.

BTW, Lana, a belated happy birthday.

J. L. Krueger said...

Thanks Charles,

I'll probably be up all night reading through all the links!

Miladysa said...

This is fun :D

Sidney said...

Thanks for the mention. We should make this an October tradition.

Charles Gramlich said...

X-Dell, I don't about the "experts" comment but you should jump in if you're a mind too.

Miladysa, glad you are enjoying. Me too.

J.L. at least they are short.

Sidney, lets do. You and I should chat about that. I'll email you. Maybe we could plan something kind of together on it for next year.