Thursday, February 01, 2007

A Computer Update

My old computer at home has been becoming steadily less usable over the past year. Microsoft Word locks up constantly, usually in the process of trying to save a file, which means information is lost. I back every file up three times and save every minute or so to multiple copies but information is still lost. And getting into a "flow" is virtually impossible because of the need to save every change so frequently. Last night I forgot, because the work was flowing, and I lost at least 10 minutes of writing.

My office computer is a laptop and a couple of weeks ago the internal mouse stopped working. I attached an external mouse, but every once in a while the internal mouse will spontaneously move the curser, highlighting a section of text which my next keystroke will erase.

So, I decided to buy a new computer. I went to Circuit City last Friday and put in my order for a new machine. They said I'd have to wait until Tuesday of this week to get the new Vista system so I waited. They didn't know what the cost of Microsoft office would be so I was to call them Tuesday. I did so in the morning, hoping I could pick the computer up on the way home, but they said they couldn't load it until I paid for it. I went in and paid for it but couldn't wait for the required hour to get everything set up and told them I'd get it Wednesday.

Apparently, Wednesday was national computer theft day because I went in the afternoon only to find that part of my order had been stolen, along with some other items, and that nothing was being released until an investigation was complete. They couldn't even give me a date for when my "already paid for" computer might be available to me. I suggested that Friday should be the latest or perhaps I'd be looking to cancel the order and get a refund. It would mean starting the process over, though, and mean more time working on my frustrating system at home. Sigh. I just wanted a new computer. Is that too much to ask? Lots of people have them. Lots of people get to take them home. I just wanted....


Lucas Pederson said...

I here yeah loud and clear, buddy. I had about the same thing happen to me when I bought my laptop, which is beyond out dated now but still runs good, a few years ago. I got it ordered, paid for it and alas, somebody kiffed my CD-Rom. I almost went nuts, but then a week or so later I recieved a call and got to pick up my laptop with its new, and much better better, CD-Rom. Soemtimes a person just needs to wait I guess. Although it's hard to do so.

ivan said...

Sorry to hear about your acquisition problems.
And losing all that good copy.

I still cut and paste, so I still have a copy in case of power failure or something.
My son tells me I have Luddite


Sidney said...

That is frustrating and a bit goofy on Circuit City's part. Even though I know I shouldn't be suprised, sometimes I am floored by how poorly some big chains understand customer service. I always got terrible service from Office Depot's support line on my previous PC.

You know the Nine Billion Names of God? They had about that many reasons they couldn't help. "Well sir, Microsoft Office is third party software so you'd have to run the recovery disk and restore the computer to it's original state before we could do anything."

Sorry for the headaches.

RK Sterling said...

Holy crap, Charles, that's terrible! Although, quite frankly, I'm surprised you even got any kind of service from Circuit City. You couldn't pay me to go in there or Best Buy anymore. Terrible.

I also feel your pain about the Word slowdown - have been going through the same thing and it's maddening. I hope you get a happy resolution to all of this.

Stewart Sternberg (half of L.P. Styles) said...

I am so jealous of you. I want a dual core processor, with a terrabyte harddrive. I want a killer videocard and a ton of ram.

As a gamer, I'm salivating. My new computer purchase is about a year off.

Stewart Sternberg (half of L.P. Styles) said...

Oh, and sorry about that copy you lost. You see what happens when someone mentions computers and circuit city? I lose all perspective. I'm a little kid. Oh...shiny.

Clifford said...

Hey Charles, that really sucks -- sorry to hear your pain. As for Office 2007, I just got a free copy today for attending a 4-hour Microsoft small business launch event(:

You work in education, right? My sister does too, and purchases all my software for me from Educator prices on software, especially Microsoft stuff, is fantastic.

Hope you get your new laptop tomorrow!

Danny Tagalog said...

They should reduce the price for the inconvenience, eh?

Erik Donald France said...

Good luck with the new computer! It's such a nusance when any of them don't run well, but wonderful when everything is humming along (like Blogger not being hung up by "maintenance").

Hope you have the new one sooner rather than later.