Monday, July 17, 2006

Personal Stuff

I said I was going to try to keep this blog mostly tied to writing and I think I've done so. But sometimes life makes it hard to keep anything on track. I may not be posting much here over the next week or so. My son, Josh, was involved in a car wreck this weekend. He had to have some stitches to his face and has a broken hand. There are various cuts and bruises but he will be OK. Still, there are many issues to be dealt with. Thank God no one else was hurt.

It was such a bizarre weekend all around. Somebody hit my new car in the parking lot and didn't bother to leave a note. The damage, fortunately, wasn't too severe. But I have nice big scrapes to my left rear bumper. Then, Lana and I were sideswipped on the freeway Saturday night by a hit and run drunk driver. We chased him and got his license plate # so it looks like we'll be able to get him to take care of the damage. It must have been especially scary for Lana, who was driving. It felt like the guy had smashed our whole left side in but it wasn't as bad as it felt. They say bad luck comes in threes. That was our three; I hope for at least a year or two.

I have a couple of blog entries that I've sort of gotten a head start on so I might post them later this week. Right now it's just hard for me to feel up to doing much of anything.

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cs harris said...

My thoughts are with you and Josh. Hope all turns out for the best.